‘A Dog’s Purpose’ Might Make You Think About Your Own Purpose


Even when we don’t see it, there’s a reason for everything…

This was an idea reiterated in A Dog’s Purpose (film) where a dog by the name of Bailey was reborn over four times. In his second life, he becomes attached to a young boy by the name of Ethan whose memory he carries with him throughout his other reincarnations. While each life Bailey lives thereafter is drastically different over the course of a few decades, it all comes back full circle when he finds himself in the town where he discovered his first mission. If you guessed Bailey running back into Ethan (adult version played by Dennis Quaid who also produced the movie), you’re right. With the exception of abusive homes and K-9 duties that are also prevalent in a dog’s life, the movie is a reflection of love and loyalty and further explains why the “mans best friend” term is even a thing. It’s based off W. Bruce Cameron’s 2010 novel of the same title.

Animal handling controversy aside, A Dog’s Purpose (in theaters January 27) is definitely for a particular audience. By that I mean, it has that acquired-taste feel. Outside of obviously grabbing the attention of kids, it seems catered towards people into animals and/or vibes. Me? I love animals and I value vibes, so it worked.

I couldn’t help but place myself in the dog owners’ shoes: finding a dog, making him family, having convo, observing his growth, playing and training, watching him react, witnessing him die. I had to put one of my dogs to sleep last year and it was really tough. As hard as I tried to fight it in a theater row full of moviegoers, a few thug tears fell at least three times before the film ended. It wasn’t a mystery – at times it was even predictable – but I think the beauty of it rested in empathy.

The movie not only tugs on your emotions, but also gets you thinking about why you’re here. Some might argue that it it’s not that deep, but others might recognize the subtle innuendoes that point to every single part of our lives leading to a bigger picture, whether we’re aware of it or not. That’s not to say the movie will change your life, but (here’s where vibes come in) the open-minded person might appreciate the lessons: 1. Most decisions we make cause a chain reaction of consequences 2. The way you live your life can deeply affect someone else directly and indirectly and 3. Everybody needs love.

While watching, I was reminded of God’s will and whatever that is, it was written before we arrived.

We may make plans, but life plays out against that sometimes. We set goals, we mess up, we fall short, we get back up, try again, succeed (know what it feels like to have everything you ever wanted and still feel like something’s missing? yea…) and repeat until we fill that void in our hearts. I’ve always been convinced that the void is the missing part of God’s will – purpose.

What are we being groomed for?


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