EXCLUSIVE: Deitrick Haddon Celebrates ‘Masterpiece’ Album Release, Talks Social Justice

deitrick haddonPhoto Credit: Anthony Grant for Gospel Goodies

On November 9, Deitrick Haddon (along with eOne and BMI) hosted an exclusive listening event in New York City to celebrate the release of his latest album, Masterpiece. The album is all about change and confidence. We could go into detail about how, but we’d rather you check it out for yourself!

“On my last CD I painted everything all red, now I got all these colors going through my head. Maybe it’s because my old ways are dead. Old skin had to be shed,” Deitrick sings in the opening song on the album. It’s the perfect segue into the 15 tracks that follow, urging listeners to trust God.

Anyway, Gospel Goodies contributor Anthony Grant caught up with the man of the hour in between one of D-Haddy’s performances that night to discuss the newness of the album and current events.

Here’s what Deitrick Haddon had to say about…

…why this album stands out from his others:
“All of my albums reflect where I am in life. I tell people I can only sing what I’m hearing at the time and this record is different because I’m in a different space.”

…what artists inspire him:
“Anybody that does what they do well, I’m inspired by. I listen to everybody from Kanye West, to Cold Play to Tasha Cobbs. I have a wide spectrum of music and I’ve always been like that. I know how to eat the fish without the bones, but I’m a huge fan of what’s happening right now in the culture, from Chris Brown to Drake. I’m a huge fan of music at large.”

…social justice and his “Under Control” track:
“I think a generation is a group of people who experience the same thing at the same time and our generation, we’re experiencing some crazy things. We’ve had our heights. We’ve seen the first black president in our generation, but we’ve also seen an innocent woman get killed [Sandra Bland]. We’re in a critical time and I wanted to sing about it. I think music gives me the opportunity to use my voice speak and that’s how the song “Under Control” was birthed. I just wanted to speak to what was going on in our culture and I believe that as crazy as it is, God has everything under control.”