Make Room: Jonathan McReynolds Explains How He Navigates The Mantra [EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW]

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Make Room is making waves across a few mediums and we’re here for all of it!

Since releasing his Make Room album in 2018, Jonathan McReynolds released a book of the same name titled Make Room: Finding Where Faith Fits and now he’s kicking off a tour titled the same. Considering the connect between Life Music, Life Music: Stage Two, his “Make Room” song and his live album that dropped after a run of “Life Room” shows, it’s easy to assume he planned the order. But, he didn’t.

“I was looking at some of the music I was making – doing better, ending cycles, not being killed by comparison and graduating, all of those things – and I realized that the unifying thing from the Life Room and the music I was creating was that I needed to literally make more room for God in my life. The church needed to make more room for God in their lives,” he said during our recent chat. “‘Make Room’ was the last song I wrote.”

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So what’s making room look like for the singer, songwriter and new author?

McReynolds explained how he had to change the way he thought about the Bible, create a space in his house that represented who he is and whose he is, plus make room for people who surround him and ensure that their time together was reflected appropriately. His way of making room included prayer, less social media, more worship, better music choices and more detailed in his book.

“All those things have something to do with how God can influence your every day and I had to hold myself accountable,” he shared. “The Book holds me accountable. You guys hold me accountable sometimes to the stuff that I write. I had to make sure that if I was going to tell someone else to make room in this way, I needed to make sure I had as well.”   

For his first book, McReynolds teamed up with the R.H. Boyd Publishing Corporation that happens to be responsible for a bunch of hymn books we all know and love.

“It’s incredible to work with people who already know the culture. They already know the audience [and] already understand the way we think and what we need and the way we view God, the way we respond to God. It’s an absolute joy to work with them,” he said. 

Watch the full interview below…

In other “Make Room” news, the concept led to Jonathan McReynolds’ nine Stellar Awards nominations this year. Check him out in a city near you and wish him luck!

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