Kehlani On How Her Faith Carries Her Daily: “Faith Is Like A Backup Strength” [EXCLUSIVE VIDEO]


While R&B and pop is the name of her game, Kehlani found a way to sprinkle her faith into her music – a hip, eye-opening, raw and unfiltered truth.

On the intro to her 2015 mixtape You Should Be Here, Keh talks about how at 20-something, she’s “seen things and felt more pain than some will in their entire lives,” but credits her experiences to God. Kehlani lost her father just a little while after she was born, her mom was addicted to drugs and earlier this year was hospitalized for attempted suicide. When it happened, she wrote, “As of today, I had no single wish to see tomorrow… But God saved me for a reason, and for that… I must be grateful.”

It just goes to show you that what God has for you can’t be stopped. And Kehlani won’t let anything stop her either.

In her latest song, “CRZY,” the talented singer and songwriter talks about how her struggles actually elevated her. Part of the hook goes, “Live for the challenge, only makes me stronger.” 

So what makes Kehlani stronger? Let her tell it: Faith and energy.

Press play up top to hear Kehlani speak on how her faith carries her daily, what it was like working with two alike artists (BJ the Chicago Kid and Chance the Rapper), and what inspires her positive vibes.

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