Lamont Sanders Reflects On Music Journey, Breaks Down ‘Mercy’ [EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW]


Lamont Sanders‘ story is a true testament to God’s perfect timing. The calling of the former R&B singer, previously signed to Babyface, weighed heavy on him before he shifted directions.

Despite what his peers thought and despite what the money looked like, he gave up the rockstar nights for worship music that wasn’t accepted by the gospel industry right away. Ministry, however, prevailed and now he’s soaring high on radio with a single called “Forever Mercy.” In addition to his new music, he was recently recognized with a “Leading Man in Music Honors” award in his New Jersey hometown.

“It’s one thing to be appreciated traveling, but to be appreciated at home where you grew up, to have them reach out and say they wanted to honor me? I can’t tell you [how much that means to me],” he said.

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Sanders enters this new phase of his music career excited, humbled and on fire for the mission to lead by a transparent example via song.

In wrapping up the interview up top where he reflected on God’s mercy and shared a few encouraging words about establishing a relationship with God, he also revealed the inspiration behind his lead track from the album he was headed to Los Angeles to finish this week. The album, which has yet to be titled, is set to release on the singer/songwriter’s birthday on January 12, 2018.

Until then, he says touring is a definite. Follow him @LamontSanders for more details on where you can catch him perform live!

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