Kamau C. Johnson Talks Putting on ‘The Manifestation Conference’

kamau c johnson

Kamau C. Johnson, a motivational speaker out of New Orleans, is gearing up to put on his first annual Manifestation Conference themed “Dreams Into Reality.”

The faith-based conference geared toward youth is slated to focus on recognizing and obtaining goals. While the exact location is TBD, the city and dates have already been announced: November 4-6 in New Orleans, where Kamau will also celebrate his birthday.

Below he explains what inspired the idea and what he hopes people gain from attending…

ALIYA FAUST: Tell me a little about the conference you’re putting together.
KAMAU C. JOHNSON: Almost two years ago I started the planning process of an empowerment conference that I wanted to have last year and it was going to be called, “The Futures Lies in You.” But, all things have a season and I figured it just wasn’t the season for that to happen yet. And a couple of days before the new year, I received prophecy that this is the year of manifestation and that’s when it was then seen that this conference was going to happen this year. I hope it inspires all people to be motivated to live out their biggest dreams. It’s to learn from spiritual leaders and business leaders in all aspects and industries.

A lot of youth have been turned away from their dreams because we are now in a society where a lot of things are just not working for youth. It’s very often that you might hear in a movie that a parent might tell their child that, my dreams were put off because of you, and a lot of things we see on TV seep into our mind and starts to become us. So the conference is just to bring forth a light and start helping people work towards their dreams. This is the time to learn how to make your dreams a reality, allowing God to create your success.

What inspired the idea?
I’ve been a part of Kids Rethink New Orleans schools for eight years. After Hurricane Katrina a lady by the name of Jane Wally started the organization to improve the education system, get a youth perspective of New Orleans education and to start rebuilding our schools. And then it moved forward to actually being a full non-profit where every year we pick out the issues of what’s going on in our community and our schools, so it turned into more of a city-wide thing and not just based on the education system, but other stuff in the community too like our eating habits and different aspects of life. So that pushed me into the motivational part of who I am to actually start to help others with the gift that I have as an exhorter. And I’m very spiritual. I’ve always been in the church and those things are also something the church ties into.

What’s the biggest thing you hope people take away from the conference?
For people to actually look at it as a stepping stone. I’ve always had this dream and I’ve always prayed that this thing would happen. I want people to be able to say I went to this conference, I learned from leaders, how I can make it, and actually start going forth in that plan [towards their dream].

To learn more about Kamau C. Johnson and/or register for the Manifestation Conference ($25-55), visit themanifestationconferenceimd.weebly.com and kamaucjohnson.weebly.com, and follow him on social media @TheShoutBomb. 

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