The Walls Group Talks Third Album, Shares Message On Individuality [EXCLUSIVE VIDEO]


New music music from The Walls Group is on its way!

As they gear up to release their third album, this time around, they wrote on every song and say it’s more authentic to who they are. It’s relatable and evident in their lead single, “My Life,” which basically tells naysayers to fall back a bit – for legit reasons! – and let them live in what they feel called to by God, noting all worship doesn’t look the same.

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It’s an exciting time for the group of siblings.

In addition to their new music, Rhea, Darrell, Ahjah & Paco are slated to be featured on Snoop Dogg’s debut gospel album and they’re also touring. We caught up with the bunch in Brooklyn, where they detailed what stands out about their forthcoming album, who’s who in the fam and more! Watch up top…

The Other Side hits stores Nov. 3, 2017.

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