Watch: Todd Dulaney Reflects On How He Got Saved, Performs “King of Glory” [EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW]

Todd Dulaney is big on the presence of God; it’s written all over his music and the transparency of his walk. But don’t just take our word for it…

Here are the facts: Dulaney’s third album, Your Great Name (2018), went no. 1 on Billboard music charts when it dropped and the title track has already been streamed over one million times. It’s music can feel, with a message that heals. His passion just adds to the depth of his mission to spread good news through his own form of prayer via song.

In a recent interview with Gospel Goodies’ guest corespondent BriTTany Delane at Radio 103.9 NY where we filled in for Inspire U with Toya Beasley, Todd Dulaney reflected on how he got saved, how he naturally develops “vertical worship” music and what he hopes people take away from his latest project (Your Great Name) that brings it all together. He also performed a few tracks to sing along to. Press play up top to watch!


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