Ray & Vivian Chew Host Inclusive Inspirational Show At Park Avenue Synagogue

It’s a beautiful thing when people of different nations can come together and worship as a unit. 

Such was the case last night (November 19) at New York City’s Park Avenue Synagogue’s Music Center’s “Lift Every Voice: Welcoming Diverse Traditions” event where Ray and Vivian Chew led an inclusive inspirational show. 

“There’s too much talk about the differences,” Ray Chew said in between transitioning music. “There’s really not that many differences. God made us all the same. When we have a moment to reach out and touch, that’s what we should do.” 

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His sentiments were matched with a performance of Ashford & Simpson’s “Reach Out and Touch” by Valerie Simpson — also a New York City native — who also blessed the stage with a performance of “Bridge Over Troubled Water.” 

Other music included Park Avenue Synagogue’s cantors and music team, plus local mosque and church choirs including Christian Cultural Center (CCC) in Brooklyn. 

Watch an inspirational snippet from “Lift Every Voice” below:


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