Booked & Busy: Freewill Gets Married, Releases 2nd EP & New Inspirational Video


Freewill‘s had a busy summer. Not only did he release his second EP, Let’s Talk (produced by Jor’Dan Armstrong), but he got married and showed his appreciate for women with a video to his song that celebrates the beauty of everyday women: “Ms. Everyday.”

“The concept [for “Ms. Everyday”] came from a real place, just recognizing that the everyday woman is just so under appreciated in the world today,” he says. “I wanted to create a record that paid homage to the everyday woman. The sister that works a nine to five or the college student whose also a single mother but trying to make a better way for her kids. It seems as if the Kim Kardashian’s of the world have become the new standard but we can’t forget about Ms. Everyday; she’s more real to us than we know, we just need to get back to [recognizing] her.”


Best part of it all? Freewill married his own “Ms. Everyday” just a few weeks after those releases on August 31!



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Congrats, Freewill!

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