Justin Tomlinson Named Associate Director of Digital Marketing For RCA Inspiration

Congrats are in order for Justin Tomlinson who was named Associate Director of Digital Marketing at RCA Inspiration. 

Tomlinson will “lead strategic implementation of digital marketing campaigns for all RCAI artists, and ensure marketing campaigns support all promotion and consumption efforts. Through the role, Tomlinson contributes to the development and communication of RCAI’s broader label strategy, while evaluating the effectiveness of campaigns.” 

He’s no stranger to RCAI as he served as the marketing and digital marketing assistant back in 2015. He later moved up the ladder to become the digital strategy manager at Sony Music. 

“I am grateful for the opportunity to bring new technologies, trends, digital strategy, and a fresh perspective back to the genre,” he said in a press release. “With the perpetual expansion of digital and streaming strategies, I am thrilled to implement creative initiatives all while contributing to collaborative efforts with the RCAI team.” 

Way to work! 

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