Lecrae Weighs In On Kanye West’s ‘Jesus Is King’ Album [VIDEO]

Kanye West’s gospel album Jesus Is King continues to make waves among Christian and hip-hop fans alike. When it soared to no. 1 on the charts last week, Lecrae weighed in on his fellow rapper’s influence in an interview with CBN. 

“I think he says what’s on his mind and he’s unmoved by what opinions you might have of him based off of what he feels compelled to say,” Lecrae said. At this juncture in time, I believe he’s compelled to tell people about Jesus.”

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West returned to his roots in faith after being diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Like most artists, he put what he was going through in his music. 

“I believe he’s compelled to say, ‘I found a new faith and I’m serious about it.’ And he’s not really worried about the backlash of those who want him to talk about the content that he used to talk about. He’s not worried about the backlash from those who say he’s insincere; he’s not worried about the backlash from others who say he’s using this as some sort of political play,” Lecrae added.

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West has mentioned God and faith in the past in songs like “Jesus Walks” and “Ultra Light Beam,” but earlier this year he flipped all of his music to a new tune that gives God total praise, starting with his Sunday Service events. In addition to the Jesus Is King album, ‘Ye dropped a documentary about his journey to faith, too. 

“Even if he’s not sincere, I have no way of knowing. Even if Kanye was my best friend, I don’t know what’s going on in his heart, only God knows that. So even if he’s insincere, the Gospel message is very clear and evident, and God’s going to get His glory with what he’s saying in that project,”  Lecrae continued. “Jesus Is King, you got to love content that sounds like sincere, passionate faith. It sounds like, to me, a new believer who just met Jesus and is like, ‘I cannot mute this newfound love that I have,’ and I love that about it,” the Reach Records founder maintained.”


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