Michelle Williams Shuts Down Old Joke in New Foot Locker Commercial [VIDEO]


Michelle Williams

Michelle Williams has often seen the worst side of the Destiny’s Child jokes, but the member of the former supergroup hasn’t let it get the best of her.

In fact, she made light of all the old jokes in a new Foot Locker commercial where NBA champs Draymond Green and Horace Grant mistake her for a waitress.

Immediately after Michelle corrects them, reminding them of her affiliation to the one of the best girl groups ever, Draymond asks if she can introduce him to … Beyonce.

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As expected, Michelle shut it down with a swish.


“Draymond Green gets some advice on standing out from a couple of people who know what it’s like to be surrounded by talent. It’s all about standing out.”

Now that people can see Michelle’s going to win regardless of their jokes, maybe they’ll eject the jokes and join the team…

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  • Guest says:

    When Williams introduces herself, Grant should have said, “Who?”

    But seriously, Williams was pumpin’ in the commercial. She doesn’t have Knowles’ curves, but she’s no slouch.

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