Chrisette Michele Incorporates Gospel Into New R&B Album, ‘Milestone’ [VIDEO]


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Chrisette Michele says her new album Milestone (June 10) is a reflection of her life over the past 10 years. A big part of it not only includes what led her to accept her ex-boyfriend’s proposal seven days after reuniting from years of separation or making up with her rapper friend Rick Ross, but also her relationship with God:

“I had a coming to Jesus [moment] for myself and I recorded this entire [gospel] album. I had help from folks like Jonathan McReynolds, Kirk Franklin. I went and performed that for TD Jakes’ audience and I just didn’t feel like I was being honest. I didn’t feel like I was reaching outside of my comfort zone. Church was my comfort zone. So I brought some of those songs [into the new album you hear now].”

Watch below as Chrisette Michele explains why she felt like she needed to present her message in her own style of “gospel” on her R&B/soul album Milestone to someone who may not have heard it.

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