Together Forever: Christon Gray Releases Song Addressing Christians And Divorce


Christon Gray is gearing up to release his next album, Clear the Heir, on October 19 as a continuation of him turning his life’s ups and downs into his ministry of song.

In a new song about being a Christian facing divorce, Gray also addresses society’s influence on the church, false teachings, his working relationship with Kirk Franklin and more. He even added in a bit from an old interview where he spoke on short-lived marriages.

“Do I believe in divorce? It happens. I think that if the relationship is extremely unhealthy, then you have to look at different ways to really consider all parties involved, especially when you have a child,” he once said promoting The Glory Album (2016). “I’ve never looked at divorce as an option; I think that marriage is too precious of a gem, but I do understand that it happens … All I would say is just use these situations and difficult moments as opportunities to learn more about who God is and the love of Christ.”

“Together Forever” has been deemed a “new chapter” for the rapper, singer and songwriter who tackles where he stands today versus where he was during his last release.



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