C West Releases New Single, “Breaks Your Heart” [NEW MUSIC]



It’s time to add singer, songwriter and guitarist C West‘s newest single “Breaks Your Heart” to the affirmation playlist.

“Before “Breaks Your Heart” was a song, it was a prayer I wrote on a sticky note two years ago,” he says. “I had been dealing with low self-esteem and depression concerning my mistakes. And, although, I’ve always had a heart and a love for God, I had a problem showing Him. My words just didn’t match my actions and it was eating me alive.”

How real is that? This thought-provoking spiritual love song from the 19-year-old helps puts priorities into perspective.

The song (produced by Mave aka N8 Tha Maven, Marquis Boone and TedyP) comes from his debut album, Hide and Seek, slated to debut Summer 2017. The project is the result of a recording contract he won during a “Discovered” singing contest sponsored by Marquis Boone who also manages Casey J and Bri Babineaux.

C West is said to be influenced by Maxwell, Michael Jackson and Prince and you can tell. Of course, he has his own unique sound, but the depth of his music mixed with his transparency and the instrumentation point to an obvious passion that immediately draws you in – much like the aforementioned.

“One of the hardest things to do is choosing what God wants for us over what we want for ourselves,” C West says about the song. “I had to learn that the hard way. He’s a jealous God and sometimes He has to break our hearts in order to squeeze into our lives… My heart was broken and I became desperate to change. My prayer then became, God I want what breaks your heart to break my heart. Here’s my love song to you.”

He recently performed the song live on the nationally syndicated “Nightly Spirit with Darlene McCoy” radio show. Watch:

Like what you heard? Click here to download “Breaks Your Heart.”

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