VIDEO: Dee-1 Drops Visual for “I’m Not Perfect (I’m a Christian)”

Dee1 - I'm Not Perfect I'm a Christian

Dee-1 paints a picture of something we all face being Christians in his latest video: “I’m Not Perfect I’m a Christian.”

The latter is the title of his very powerful and relatable song that not only speaks to the temptations we face and fall short of on the daily, but also the stigma associated with being a fighter for Christ.

“This ain’t no court room, but everybody quick to judge – can’t wait for me to slip so they can quickly pull the plug,” he says mid-song. And that’s just before throwing out there that we are in a spiritual warfare. It makes you think… when our faith is tested, when we’re asked to accept or deny different things in our lives, are we doing what’s convenient or are we following God’s lead? When we mess up, can we depend on each other to pick up the pieces or do we give up on ourselves, each other and the Word?

“God’s army, satans army. Tell me who you fightin for. Most don’t even know we fightin’ and that’s who I’m writin’ for.”

Gets deep! Press play below: