Dee-1 & Jonathan McReynolds Search For “The One” In New Song About Finding Love


Dee-1 and Jonathan McReynolds have teamed up for a new song called “The One,” which speaks to their search for an equally yoked queen to spend the rest of their lives with. 

One who “loves God more than you love me” and one who prays. 

“Yo I’m a messed up guy in a lot of ways. And I’ma probably make you mad at me a lot of days, but when you mad and don’t want to speak, I need to know you love God more than you love me,” Dee-1 spits before rapping how he needs a woman who’s mentally strong and who knows God can show us how to love in ways that people can’t, which Jonathan McReynolds touches on as well. 

“Could you be the one that I want.  Could be the one that I need. Could you be the one I’m looking for. Could you be the one I see in my dreams?” he sings. “I know they are plenty. But I just want the one. And I don’t want just any. So could you be the one?”

The one, he sings, is “natural, genuine and wise. Beautiful smile and tells no lies. Love god more than you love me. But really love me, for me.” 

That’s not too much to ask for at all, is it ladies? 

Check out the song below! 

“The One” comes from Dee-1’s forthcoming album titled God and Girls.


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