Deon Kipping Debuts ‘A Place Called Victory’ EP (New Music)

Deon Kipping - A Place Called Victory EP - Album Art

If we had to describe Deon Kipping‘s latest EP in one word, it’d be “smooth.”

Earlier this month the gospel crooner released a 4-track project titled A Place Called Victory and it’s one of those you can pop on, let play and repeat. Together, it offers up a bunch of emotions from gratefulness and confidence, to yearning and understanding, then circles back to feel-good. Though he didn’t quite say these words exactly, Kipping’s tone throughout A Place Called Victory screams: It’s going to be okay!

Led by his chart-topping single, “Place Called Victory,” the EP comes just in time as he gears up to release his third album.

A Place Called Victory Track List
1. Place Called Victory
2. By Myself
3. The Blessing Is Yours
4. I Want It All

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