Earl Bynum to Release Third Studio Album, ‘This Song Is For You’

Earl Bynum is taking a quick break from the Stellar Award nominated Mount Unity Choir to release his third studio album, This Song Is For You. It’ll be his first solo project since 2009. 

Due October 5, This Song Is For You is slated to include his radio single “Bless the Lord (The Remix),” “Only Unto You” and “Call Him,” along with seven other tracks that range from congregational style to urban contemporary. And believe it or not, it’s Bynum’s first studio recording. 

“It was different for me trying to do it,” he says. “I’m a live concert type of performer, so the studio ain’t hard but it also ain’t easy because I feed off of my audience and there’s no audience in the studio with me. I had to change my mindset to approach these songs and it helped take me out of the choir backdrop and let me live in a new space.”

Get a feel for the album and listen to Bynum’s “Bless the Lord (The Remix)” single below!


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