Jackie Hill Perry Releases Christian Rap Album, ‘Crescendo’

Have you heard? Christian preacher, poet and rapper Jackie Hill Perry released her sophomore album titled Crescendo on May 11.

The 14-track project reflects her personal, spiritual and artistic journey towards trusting God. It follows her 2014 Humble Beast Records debut, The Art Of Joy.

“A crescendo should be lowered at some point to grow,” she explains. “It needs to include a place of lament. The truth of the Christian walk is weakness: It’s riddled with suffering. I wanted an album that would carry the idea that how, when you grow in faith in Christ, your life gets louder. I wanted to make that connection: Our lives should be a constant crescendo. We should be growing in love for God and our neighbor. This is really a story about what it’s like to grow.”

Perry said the difference between her first album at age 24 versus her second at age 28 is her writing.

“I approach melody, content and rapping differently. I’ve been five years married now. I have a toddler. I’m in a different season and grateful that it took so long because it allowed me time to mature as a woman first.”

Check out a snippet from the album below…


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