Make More Room: Jonathan McReynolds Is Rereleasing ‘Make Room’ With Two New Tracks


It seems as if almost every year, Jonathan McReynolds releases something new. Before Make Room, there was the Sessions EP. Before that, there was Life Music: Stage Two, and so on.

This time around, he asked fans to “make more room” because on on Sept. 7, 2018, he’ll be rereleasing his MakeRoomproject as a deluxe album with two news tracks: “Try” and “God Is Good.”

If you got a chance to attend McReynolds’ live album recording in his Chicago hometown, you got to hear the songs back in 2017. To our surprise, he says these two additional tracks are he and his eOne Nashville label head Gina Miller’s favorites.

Which song from Make Room song is your favorite? Head over to and drop a comment!


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