Watch: Kasaundra Shields – “Your Truth Remains” [MUSIC VIDEO]

Kasaundra Shields is back with new music and a testimony so fitting for our times.

While a lot of things are changing around us, good and bad, one thing that remains is God’s truth. His love is unwavering, His grace is always sufficient, His mercy endures and His Word never changes.

In her new song titled “Your Truth Remains” (due October 1), Kasaundra explores what it means to worship God in spirit and in truth. It was released in hopes to draws people nearer to God and closer to an honest encounter with the Holy Spirit.

“This song was birthed during a time of prayer and worship at home in my room,” she says. “It wasn’t until after God downloaded this song to me that I found it expressed by David in Psalm 119:89-90. This song has elevated my relationship and faith in Christ and has revealed the nature of God to me. Every word God has ever released has never returned void. God’s word is truth and it’ll remain forever and ever.”

Listen and watch:


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