LISTEN: Kefia Rollerson Justifies Why “Everything Will Get Better” In New Single


kefia rollerson - everything will get better

If you needed a reminder that better days are coming, Kefia Rollerson‘s new song is it.

She speaks on God’s power and strength in our weakness to reiterate, “Everything Will Get Better,” in her latest release about overcoming struggles.

“I’m a living witness that every answer in life will not be a yes, but God will remain faithful to the promises He has spoken over your life if you continue to believe,” Kefia writes in her EPK.

Believing is the hardest part, but in the song the BET Sunday Best season 6 runner-up says speaking life into the idea helps (your words have power!). Here’s a snippet:


Kefia’s “Everything Will Get Better” promo tour is currently underway. See when she’s coming to a city near you below…

kefia rollerson promo tour

“Everything Will Get Better” is available everywhere digitally. Click HERE to download.

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