Lady Saw Hangs Up Dancehall for Gospel Music [New Music]


Back in 2015, Marion Hall (formerly known as Lady Saw), gave her life to Jesus, leaving dancehall behind. The dancehall queen released a gospel album titled When God Speaks shortly after and now returns with her next feature single called “Room In My House.”

The transition from secular to gospel wasn’t an easy one for Hall, a Jamaican native currently living in Florida.

“When I came here, I was on the run from my own people,” she told The Voice. “After my baptism, I found that a lot of people in Jamaica were persecuting me, criticising me, condemning me for making my decision – talking a lot of mess … You’d think people would be praying me up when many were talking against me.”

Despite pushback, Hall pushed through her calling, focusing on her personal relationship with God, and actually become a minister.

In regards to changing the content f her music, Hall said: “I always wanted to do a gospel album but knew I couldn’t do both. Once I started on the journey, I made a promise to God that one day, I would give my life to Him and serve Him, if He can just be patient with me and help me to make the living I need to help myself and my family. I’m so grateful to God for holding on to me and not letting go. It turned out so beautifully and was honestly the quickest album I’ve ever made,” “Four songs were recorded in the US and 10 in Jamaica. People are loving it but it’s dedicated to God because He gave it all to me.”

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