Listen: Maurette Brown Clark Releases New Single, “I Want God”


No lie, when I first heard this, it brought tears to my eyes… 

In her new single about desperately wanting more of God, Maurette Brown Clark delivers a passionate story about the depth of her need for God in first place. 


“My intent has always been and still to this day, is to chase after God,” Maurette says. “I never entered music ministry for any other reason than to try to tell people about Jesus. He found me, saved me, sticks with me and He has certainly blessed me beyond what I deserve. At the end of the day, stuff is good, recognition is good, things are good; but at the heart of the matter, all I’ve ever wanted was Him.”

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Here’s a peak behind the scenes of the making of the song that will be available on all digital outlets on Friday, April 26:


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