Janice Gaines Returns With ‘Lead Me’ Album & Single [VIDEO]


In a much welcomed surprised, Janice Gaines has returned with an 8-track album titled Lead Me. It comes a few years after her 2015 debut, Greatest Life Ever.

In between that time, she had a beautiful son and due to postpartum depression, had to find herself again. It’s written in this new body of work she said was birthed from a dark place counseling and her spirituality carried her through.

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“I found myself in a dark place, but I couldn’t really access the emotion of it,” she said. “I had to go back to the basics in a lot of ways. Back to where I started and back to where I met God. I went to counseling. I pursued wholeness everywhere I could find it. Spiritually, I had to learn to trust Him again. Musically, I had to find myself again. For me, that started with hymns.”

While her new album consists of reimagined classic church songs, it also includes new compositions that compliment her soulful vibe. The first single from Gaines’ new project is named after the album: “Lead Me.”

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A press release states: The project’s title track, “Lead Me,” written by Australian singer/songwriter Ben Abraham (Ke$ha, Demi Lovato), is a passionate cry-for-help anthembased on Psalm 61, while spirited arrangements of “What A Friend We Have In Jesus,” “How Great Thou Art” and “My Tribute” feel like the best parts of a soulful Sunday morning, harkening back to the classic ensemble sounds of gospel icons Andraé Crouch and Edwin Hawkins.

“The Bible says to ‘comfort those with the same comfort we’ve received from God’,” she shares. “If these songs helped me, I pray that God will use them to help someone else.”

Listen to the title track here:


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