Naomi Raine Debuts Sophomore Album, Releases “Pour Me Out” Single [AUDIO]



It’s hard to do, but there’s so much freedom in submitting to God. Naomi Raine recently released music about it and you can actually feel the freedom in her song: “Pour Me Out.”

The title sums up the gist of her more-of-you, less-of-me message where she sings, “I stepped down from the throne of my heart singing, all I am, it was yours from the start. Casting down my crown at your feet, all I am is yours … pour me out, all I am is yours.” She was invited on stage to perform and record it live at Todd Dulaney’s live album recording last year (December 2016) in Chicago.

Her soft melody paired with an acoustic vibe that makes up “Pour Me Out” comes from her new album, Heart Songs, Vol. 2: Adoration, which was released on her 30th birthday on April 9 and debuted at no. 10 on iTunes music charts.


Like what you heard? Click here to download Naomi Raine’s latest project, Heart Songs, vol. 2: Adoration.

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