Listen: Tamika Scott (of Xscape) Releases Inspirational Single, “Almost Over”

Tamika Scott is preaching in her new inspirational single that encourages people to keep believing in the blessings that wait ahead. 

“It will be alright,” she sings, also offering other motivational tips throughout the track:
Throw your hands to the sky, lift your head up high; the storm is almost over.
Everything’s gonna work out in your favor, you don’t have to worry no more.
What you’re going through won’t last, it’s a test to take you higher.
Just keep the faith, hold on, believe. The storm is almost over.

The song, which was written by the Xscape singer, was produced by Herman “Pnut” Johnson. 

“No matter what you may face in life or what situation you maybe going through, it’s only temporary, your storm is almost over,” she said on Instagram when she debuted the song.



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