VaShawn Mitchell Says Visit to Chiropractor Inspired ‘God My God’

In a recent interview with about his new album, Unstoppable, VaShawn Mitchell told Arise 360 that a visit to his chiropractor inspired his leading single, “God My God.”

“I had a back surgey a couple years ago, so for about three years I was on stage with chronic back pain. Still kind of deal with it a little bit, but my chiropractor was like, ‘Man, just pray to God, you don’t want no more surgeries,'” he said. “So one of my songs is called “God My God” because [when] a lot of us write, we write about the problem, but not about the guy. That’s what it’s about.”

VaShawn went on to talk about his upbringing and shift in his sound this time around. Check out the full interview below:

Unstoppable is in stores now!