The Clark Sisters Discuss Dorinda’s Suicide Attempt & Their Relationship With Denise

The Clark Sisters biopic on Lifetime had a lot of explosive scenes. Two of many included highlights of Denise Clark‘s relationship with her sisters and another was the moment we saw Dorinda Clark Cole contemplate suicide.

For fans with lingering questions, Willie Moore Jr. got a few answered during his recent interview with Karen Clark Sheard and Dorinda.

In discussing the scene Denise caused at the funeral of their mother, Dr. Mattie Moss Clark, Karen says it was just a moment.

“Every family goes through issues. On that particular day, that was one of our issues. We’ve had moments where we reconciled and it’s just unfortunate that she decides to go her way; we always welcome our sister back. Our arms have been stretched wide open for years,” Karen Clark Sheard said. “Just because you don’t see her does not mean we’re still fighting. We still love each other no matter what.” 

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Dorinda went on to explain why at one point in her life, as the movie showed, she was ready to end her life and what saved her.

“It was a church hurt that I was dealing with and I could not go any further in my life because I had experienced that and that thing took the wind out of me until I didn’t want to do anything anymore,” she said. “The enemy just kept talking to my mind.” 

Check out the clip below…


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