Anthony Brown, Gene Moore, Maranda Curtis & Deon Kipping Are Going On Tour Together!

The winner's circle tour

The new faces of gospel music are gearing up for something epic, as Anthony Brown & group therAPy present “The Winner’s Circle Tour” featuring AJB, Gene Moore, Maranda Curtis and Deon Kipping.

Insane, right?

Each artist has a lot to celebrate and plenty of testimonies to share: Anthony Brown kicked off 2018 with a music video for “I Got That” off A Long Way From Sunday, Maranda just wrapped up her second live recorded album, Gene Moore recently dropped his debut album, and Deon Kipping just beat cancer!

“This tour is going to inspire, encourage, and motivate,” Maranda wrote on Instagram, speaking to the triumphant theme the 2-month tour is slated to carry.

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