4 Christmas Movies You Should See

There’s nothing like sitting back watching Christmas movies during the holiday. The thought-provoking, tear jerkers are always so warm, even when they surround tragedy. Full of love – exemplifying God’s greatest gift to the world – they just remind you how important purpose, family and friends are. If you’re like me, you’ve been watching them since Black Friday… teary eyed and all.

Keeping in mind that Jesus is the reason for the season, below are four of our favs that circle back to faith.

1. The Preacher’s Wife (1997)

Safe to call this one a classic? An angel in the form of Denzel Washington is sent down to help a preacher in his midlife crisis, but he kind of falls for the preacher’s wife, Whitney Houston.

2. This Christmas (2007)
This family is reunited after four years with much drama, but in the end, song brings them together. In church. Click here to watch.

3. Black Nativity (2013)

Black Nativity is like a musical movie starring Forest Whitaker and Jennifer Hudson. The start-studded film also features Angela Bassett, Nas, Jacob Latimore, Tyrese and more!

4. A Dream for Christmas (1973)

A minister from the South makes his way to a California church headed for destruction. They’re banking on a miracle by the end of the movie.