Watch: Mount Pisgah Baptist Church ‘Salina P.’ Film [TRAILER]


On September 21, Mount Pisgah Baptist Church in Brooklyn hosted a movie premiere for a film about its founder, Salina P. Lucky for Brooklyn, the inspirational movie returns this November 4-6 at George H. Murray Building (760 DeKalb Ave)!

Salina Asa Perry established Mount Pisgah back in 1929 despite backlash from men in her community. This new film highlights the results of following God’s calling, but also dives into the faith and sacrifice it took for Perry to overcome the obstacles that came with being Brooklyn’s first woman to pastor one of the most influential churches in the city.

Salina P was co-directed and penned by Prophet Films, LLC Co-Founder and President Kenya Cagle, and co-directed by Michele Hawkins-Jones.

Peep the trailer up top!

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