Watch: Drew Smith The DreamR – “Gold Star” [MUSIC VIDEO]


In a “Gold Star” tale about finding God through troubling times, Drew Smith The DreamR sums up a few stories that make up his life’s testimonies.

“At the time I wrote this record a lot of things transpired; I needed an outlet and further more I needed a way to find strength and encouragement. In that moment I couldn’t find any, I didn’t feel God and I questioned was He ever really here.” Drew Smith says about Gold Star. “For me it’s a beautifully illustrated story of what a real person with real dreams, heartache and faith looks like.”

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The DreamR describes “Gold Star” as an emotion he hopes people feel from watching the video for the track (featuring Liz Mott) off his debut album, A Dream Never Dies.

Take a look:

The “Gold Star” video completes a series of summer releases for the rapper who debuted his “Summer of Rome” and “Chaos” singles and videos between June and August.


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