Preacha Boi Introduces “Preacha Wife” in New Video



Preacha Boi better preach!

The Christian rapper fittingly shares a word about the sanctity of marriage in his new video for “Preacha’s Wife” featuring Se7en Rich.

“‘Preacha’s Wife’ is a song created to bring some love and emotions back into our music,” he says. “A lot of mainstream music has been degrading, exploiting our women these days so we chose to swim upstream instead of verbally belittling or treating our women as sexual objects.”

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Referencing love tales in the Bible, Preacha Boi and Se7en boost the idea of “for better or for worse” and make it clear that Jesus is at the front of everything: “I’m head of the household, so follow the leader. Before I lead I hope you know that I’m following Jesus.”

Wedding song of the year?

Peep the love story below…

Click HERE to download “Preacha Wife,” the latest song from Preacha’Boi’s latest EP #BridgeTheGap.

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