Step Together In Unity With Bryan Popin For His New Music Video

Bryan Popin‘s not only being considered for the 2018 Stellar Award nominations (vote here), but he’s also working on a new music video for “Step In The Name.”

You’re invited to join!

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Popin’s looking for diversity: all colors, all cultures, all walks of life celebrating love and stepping in unity. He’s tapped his celeb friends in the video above to participate, and he’s asking you to as well.

Here’s how:
1. Record a video of you and/or your family and friends from your phone using the wide angle view: If you can step, dance, break-dance, jump rope, lip synch or whatever, do it to Bryan Popin’s “Step In The Name.” 2. Post the video on YouTube: Within your title, use the hashtag #StepInTheName and email the YouTube link of your video to

“Step In The Name” comes from Popin’s newly released album, I Got Out.

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