On Deck w/ Holla Walla Listening Bus

Gospel Goodies has teamed up with media personality Holla Walla as the official social media sponsor for his first annual Stellar Awards “On Deck with Holla Walla” Listening Bus featuring music by a handful of eOne’s leading artists including JJ Hairston & Youthful Praise, Erica Campbell, Michelle Williams, Dorinda Clark Cole and MORE!

Holla Walla’s been known for his innovative and uncommon concepts, so the “On Deck with Holla Walla” Listening Bus will be nothing short of that as it’s set to cruise through Las Vegas on March 28.

The festive transportation to the 30th Annual Stellar Awards events and activities will not only provide a comfy ride, but exclusive tunes to listen to and the company of the energetic, warm and witty Holla Walla, too.

With JJ Hairston live tweeting from Holla Walla’s social media networks (@HollaWalla) this weekend, there’s no telling who else might pop up on the bus or who Holla Walla will run in to rolling around Las Vegas.

Either way, we’ve got you covered.

Through out the week we’ll be providing photo galleries, a Stellar Awards/Listening Bus playlist, exclusive live video and more. Keep checking gospelgoodies.com and follow @gospelgoodies for the real-time experience.

Make sure you’re also following @HollaWalla on Twitter and Instagram for more exclusives, #OnDeck bus routes and day-in-the-life style live tweeting from JJ Hairston (Stellar Awards edition).

The “On Deck with Holla Walla” Listening Bus is presented by eOne Music and brought to you by Kelvin Chappell Graphic Designs, GotVizion, Inc., Jayez Pad Entertainment and exclusive social media sponsor GospelGoodies.com.

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