21:03 Releases Gospel Music’s First Audio/Visual Album

Today marks the release of 21:03‘s fourth album Outsiders and group singers/dancers Evin and Torrence are confidently embracing their matured sound on the project, which also happens to be gospel music’s first audio/visual album.

“We’ve always been at times, a little too radical for the church and a little too sacred for secular music. It’s always been our sound,” Evin told Gospel Goodies in an exclusive interview. “We’ve been in the industry now for 12 years and there isn’t another group that does what we do live or sounds like us. With that, we’ve just always felt different. And with this album, we’re just truly owning it.”

Album features include their PAJAM label mate and producer J. Moss, and BET’s Sunday Best fifth season winner Joshua Rogers.

Outsiders is available today on iTunes for $5.99! Watch their latest video to “Nobody Bigger,” one of seven songs off the new album: