Educational Entertainment: ‘Black Lives Matter Too-All Lives Matter’ Stage Play Offers Powerful Lesson on Black History


With all the chaos going on in the world – America, specifically, as the nation adjusts to new leadership – the “Black Lives Matter Too-All Lives Matter” musical stage play arrives at a perfect time.

The stage play isn’t affiliated with the official Black Lives Matter movement, but both share a need to feed the people. The Chad Cooper Company and Soul Tempo Productions teamed up to present to bring awareness to the injustices minorities face far too often.

“We just want to educate people as we move forward,” Jeremiah Brunson of Soul Tempo Productions says. “[We’re running] trailers before the play even starts to give the people a little [background] on everything that’s been going on across the country.”

In the below Q&A, Brunson explains what inspired the musical, where the name for it was derived and what the team’s perspective is on “All Lives Matter” in comparison to Black Lives Matter…

GOSPEL GOODIES: Black Lives Matter is such a big deal – as it should be – right now. I was wondering, what inspired the play? There’s been a whole bunch of incidents, but were there any in particular that sparked the idea? How’d you guys get together and decide this was what you wanted to do?
JEREMIAH BRUNSON: The way we came up with the concept is because of thinking about what is happening to African Americans really. Not only for the recent shootings, but even going back to the beginning when African Americans invented things and never got the credit for it. We were inspired by it because we need to start educating now. We need to educate across the country, especially with our youth that really don’t have a clue about what African Americans have gone through and what our challenges are still today. 

In what ways are you educating?
There are things made by African Americans that people use everyday, so we want to give them some history. We want to let them know to use their minds. Back in the day, our ancestors didn’t have any choice. The ideas they invented were taken away from them. 

It takes personal reading time and those special history courses to learn about the contributions African Americans made to society. They cover the basics, but not enough of it in school. So, that’s awesome you guys are incorporating that into the play.
Exactly. That’s our whole goal. 

There have been national arguments on Black Lives Matter vs All Lives Matter. You guys merge both in your title for the play. Can you talk about what that means for you?
Yes, what it means to us is that Black lives matter, too. People think our lives don’t matter so the first part is Black Lives Matter too – we want everybody to know we’re equal to everybody else. After that, All Lives Matter. Because, all lives do matter. There’s no race that’s above anybody. People may program that in their heads that it is, but in reality it’s not because everybody’s going to live and everybody’s going to die. And there’s a lot of other ethnic groups of people that are going through the same thing as African Americans. We’re all human beings. Can’t judge people by the color of their skin. 

What advice would you offer to the people who feel hopeless in the midst of recent political shifts affecting civil rights?
First thing I would tell them is to put their minds in the sky and trust God. The second thing i would tell everybody is do something creative and hang around positive people. I would tell everybody, you were put on this earth to help somebody else. 

As previously stated by Brunson, the Chad Cooper Company and Soul Tempo Productions’ contribution to helping others comes in the form of educational entertainment. For info on where you can catch the play, visit

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