Canon Hospitalized After 20-foot Fall

By: Destiny Maggett

Three to five months of rehabilitation is what it has come down to for Atlanta-based gospel rapper, Canon, who’s suffering from a shattered ankle, broken jaw and a concussion due to a 20-foot fall last month.

The Reflection Music Group rapper’s career has been paused for the amount of time it will take him to recover.

Cannon‘s life was altered on a late saturday night leaving a performance in Clarksville, Tennessee where he and his manager Brandon Mason went to assist a driver who had wrecked his vehicle on the side of the road. One of the cars sped rapidly due to an accidental twist of the key in the ignition, forcing Mason and Canon fleeing. Canon leaped over a rail in the dark unable to see the ravine that sent him falling 20 feet into a creek bed.

Canon remained hospitalized through Christmas and will not be able to perform during the coming months of recovery.

Visit for more info on how to donate to Canon’s recovery.

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