Corey ‘CoCo Brother’ Condrey Hospitalized After Near-Death Accident [VIDEO]



Our prayers are with radio personality Corey “CoCo Brother” Condrey who was seriously injured in a car accident this past weekend. Per his request, his wife Joann Rosario-Condrey took to Periscope to update those inquiring about his condition.

While he suffers a bunch of bones throughout his body, Corey Condrey hopes for a quick recovery. He’s been in “excruciating pain” but Mrs. Condrey says he’s “completely conscious” and will finish strong.

“Today, I could have been a widow. Today, my children could have been fatherless… but God in His infinite wisdom, protection and grace spared my husbands life during a terrible car accident yesterday afternoon,” Joann wrote on Instagram shortly after the near-fatal accident. “As they cut open the car to pull him out of the wreckage, with injuries and incredible pain he kept saying ‘God help me! It’s not my time to go! There is too much work to do and souls to be saved, more souls give me more souls’ … I am thankful to still be a wife, thankful that my children have there father on this side of heaven. We will press on and we will #FinishStrong in Jesus name.”


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