Don Cephas Releases “You Notice Me” Song In Honor Of Brain Injury Survivors
Did you know at least 2.5 million people in the U.S. suffer from traumatic brain injuries (TBI) each year? According to, over 12 million live affected by brain injuries and an estimated 137 die from TBIs daily. It’s not just a concussion, but stems from diseases, tumors, toxic exposure, hypoxia, substance abuse and more as well.

At the heel of wrapping up a Brain Injury Awareness Month (March) tour with brain injury survivor and singer Cristabelle Braden, Don Cephas was inspired to release a new song called “You Notice Me” in honor of survivors worldwide.

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“Being on this tour has opened my eyes a lot more to what is known as ‘the silent suffering’ in regards to people with brain injury,” Cephas says. “[Survivors] are often overlooked because the look fine, but that’s just an honest misunderstanding. Because brain injuries are internal, most of us tend to not notice because it’s not always an external injury we can see … These beautiful people are true superheroes and should be recognized.”

Though Brain Injury Awareness Month is over, in an effort to help continue to raise awareness for the cause, 20 percent of proceeds from Cephas’ “You Notice Me” will go towards the faith-based Hope After Head Injury organization founded by Cristabelle Braden.

Here’s a preview of the track, now available everywhere digitally:


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