Lecrae Pens Black History Letter on Billboard

lecrae - billboardPhoto Credit: Billboard.com

Lecrae has a gift of taking us to church and to school.

The Christian rapper penned a letter on Billboard that reflected his thoughts on why the history of black Americans is important to share.

Napoleon, the famous French military leader, is quoted as having said, “History is a fable agreed upon.”

As Americans we have seen how our history has had its lion’s share of overlooked errors and left out facts.

From the details surrounding the “discovery” of America, to the actual horrors behind our beloved Thanksgiving holiday, many historical facts have been excluded for a more palatable look at the past.

There is of course a difference between documenting history and using the past to shame people. I’m sure no one on God’s green earth enjoys hearing his past failures and transgressions glorified.

When I look back at the history of black Americans I’m met with mixed emotions. There is the joy of progress and the gratefulness for a divine gift of endurance. Then of course there is also pain, due to the revealed ugliness of our history and the burn of what has been left out.

See the rest at billboard.com, where he continues on with examples to back up the position he took in writing.

One thing to take away from it is at the end where he says, “Our past shouldn’t be a weapon of shame, but a tool to help us learn, heal and progress.” …cue James Brown “Say It Loud” 🙂