Nicola A. Menzie Launches ‘Faithfully Magazine’

If you’ve been looking for more Christian reads, Nicola A. Menzie’s quarterly print and digital Faithfully Magazine is it.

The religion reporter – whose bylines include The Christian Post, CBS News, VIBE and Religion News Service – launched her debut issue at the top of the year and is now on issue 2, which dives into how “whiteness” may be crippling the Evangelical church. Considering recent events in Virginia and Boston, it’s right on time.

Via Faithfully Magazine reports from an ethnically-diverse and ecumenical perspective in an effort to foster genuine Christian community among our readers. While we interview and profile a variety of individuals and report on diverse subjects spanning the spectrum of Christianity (and occasionally other faiths), we do not necessarily share the views of these individuals, organizations, churches, ministries or the viewpoints of those who write for the publication. 

In addition launching her own publication, Menzie hosts the mag’s “Faithfully Podcast,” covering topics of the same nature.

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