Noah’s Ark Theme Park Opens in Kentucky



The story of Noah’s Ark takes place in Genesis 6–8 of the Bible where God told Noah to build an ark and house one male and one female of every kind of animal and his family so they’d survive the flood. If you ever wanted an idea of huge the boat was, the new Ark Encounter theme park in Kentucky is where you’ll get an idea.

Ark Encounter teamed up with Colorado Timberframe to build an 85ft-wide, 51ft-high, 510ft-long life-sized replica that sits in the southern city of Williamstown.

It houses a zoo (with real animals), a bunch of exhibits about Noah’s mission, ziplines and an extra-large family restaurant. They really did it big (no pun intended).

Check out photos of the Noah’s Ark replica below…


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Noah's hat and garments were hand-embroidered.

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