Nyack College Launches Degree in Gospel Music

gospel-choirPhoto Credit: Andres Valenzuela (Nyack College)

Starting fall 2016, Nyack College will offer students a bachelor’s degree in gospel music performance. The Christian college is the first to adopt such a degree and we’re all for it!

“I think for a long time gospel music has been viewed as a hobby,” Willana Mack, who sang in the “August Rush” movie and has a hand in prepping the new program, told The Washington Post. “Gospel music has not really been looked at as something you can study, a skill that you can learn, But it’s an overall cultural problem that we don’t start requiring that our gospel artists be more versed in music — in the music language, in the music culture, in reading music, in understanding music theory.”

That is, the idea that gospel music is more of a feeling that technique. The bachelor’s degree in gospel music performance is expected to incorporate both.

Source: The Washington Post


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