Pastor Who Mocked Coronavirus ‘Hysteria’ Dies After Testing Positive For COVID-19

A Virginia pastor who didn’t believe the coronavirus hysteria was called for has tested positive for COVID-19. 

Weeks ago, Pastor Landon Spradlin took to social media to suggest the virus was being used to make President Trump look bad. He later died after developing pneumonia in both lungs due to the virus. 

“I was frustrated with the way that the media was very agenda driven, and it’s on both sides,” Jesse Spradlin, the pastor’s daughter, told BBC News. “I feel like the coronavirus issue turned into something that was ‘party against party’ instead of one nation under God.” reports: 

The pastor fell ill after he and his family drove from Virginia to Louisiana for Mardi Gras to “save the souls” of attendees through music.

“His mission was to go into pubs, clubs and bars, play the blues and connect with musicians and just tell them that Jesus loved them,” said Jesse.

“Mardi Gras is like Times Square in New York during New Year’s Eve. It’s a sea of people just drinking and partying,” she added. “He was loud and laughing and in his element.”

“I don’t even remember us talking about the virus,” said daughter Naomi Spradlin. “With what’s happened we keep looking back, and we didn’t talk about it once.”


Other reports say the pastor initially tested negative, but when his status changed, it took a turn for the worst and he died eight days after the positive diagnosis. 

Pastor Spradlin’s son, Landon Isaac, says his father was aware that coronavirus was not a hoax, but he didn’t agree with the fear the media was portraying. 

Our prayers and thoughts are with his family.

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