MLB All-Star Adam Wainwright Leads Online Bible Study For Fans

St. Louis Cardinals MLB player Adam Wainwright is leading a year-long, online Bible study for his fans!

“This won’t be for everyone, but it’s an important part of my life,” he shared on Twitter last week. ‘Most of y’all probably just want to talk baseball, etc. BUT, if you want to read through the Bible with me in one year you can join my other twitter account… @walkingwwaino.” 

Wainwright’s Bible study kicked off on January 12 and the social media account he created for Bible talk already has over 14,000 followers. 

“My prayer is that God will speak to you in new ways as you work through these pages,” Wainwright wrote in an email blast to fans who signed up. “I’m so excited, and — if I’m being completely honest — a little nervous about walking through this journal with you!” 

If you’re interested in joining his Bible study, you can sign up here.

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