Teen Gifts Her Class With 50-Day Devotional She Wrote Herself!

Eavan Gilhuly, an 18-year-old graduate of of Desert Christian Academy, wrote a 50-day devotional titled Recognize and gifted her graduating class of 2019 with copies this year.

“It all started in April of my junior year, when my pastor told us to turn to a passage in the Bible, and I suddenly realized I had highlighted much of that exact passage and had also written some commentary on it,” Gilhuly says. “I thought, well this isn’t an accident, so I’m going to dig down deeper into what this might mean. That’s what inspired the name Recognize.”


Recognize is an inspirational devotional that provides daily Bible verses and Gilhuly’s thoughts on said scriptures readings. Her favorite, she says, is Day #3 that highlights Lamentations 3:22-23.

“That particular passage is all about God’s faithfulness, and mercies, and promise, which I placed early in the book so it hooks the readers,” she explains. “I wanted people to know that throughout their struggles, and life’s trials and errors that we all face, there will always be those things for them.”

Since releasing her devotional, Gilhuly inked a deal with Harper Collins who published her book for national and online distribution on October 11.

Now a freshman at Northwest University, Gilhuly studies psychology but says she plans to keep penning her thoughts.

“I would love to continue writing,” she explains. “No matter what lies ahead, I will do my best to love fully, give selflessly, and dream endlessly.”


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